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Myelin Growth
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Vaccine History

  Anti-vaxxers were once Pro-vaxxers
whom witnessed tragedies
no parent wants to...

1) My son was paralyzed by the DPT shot within minutes. They contain the lethal dose for 50 lb of Tetanus Toxin and his shot did not have enough of the tetanus antitoxin.
2) He was 4 yrs old, weighed 40 lb, and barely survived, as i held him for 3 days begging him to stay with me.
3) He was only able to blink, swallow, and breathe for 3 days, finally softened up, dragging a leg for weeks.
  I've been tracking vaccinations ever since, which led me down the autism trail...

Adults should test these shots on themselves first (adjusted to their weight) to know the full impact of a "Universal Dose" (50lb dose) given to babies and all children 0-6 yrs!
Adult doses (age 7 up) are 4-10x LESS toxic than child doses.

amish no autism
Unvaccinated Populations,
both historically & globally,NO autism...
like the Amish!

  Allison Jones on 'The Panel'
with Dr Andrew Wakefield (2016).


DEDICATED to my brother,
Dr Ronald Conrad Jones,
PHD in Toxicology,
Cancer Researcher,
whom taught me early on
about human physiology
& the nature of cancer!


How vaccines are Made,
how they work,
how they cause Autism...
There are NO shots for babies, ONLY 6 year olds!
ALL Kids' Shots (0-6yrs) are made for 50 lb
made for the oldest, called 'Universal Doses'

Autism is caused by:

     a) Aluminum crystals lodge microbe proteins with their toxins in the brain,
        It can hit the CNS like bomb, kill Vagus Nerve...HepA, HepB, dtaP, HPV, HIB, & Strep.
      b) It lodges in the brain and continues to aggregate proteins*,
        Including our cellular DNA and the DNA of our personal mitochondria.
      (*A single crystal is at the center of many clumps of protein phenomenon in the brain)

2)  Lethal TOXINS =
     a) Tetanus Toxin, Minimum Lethal Dose for 50 lb, must have equal Antitoxin.
        2nd deadliest bacterial toxin (used in Whooping Cough shots, DtaP).
     b) Diphtheria Toxin, Minimum Lethal Dose for 50 lb, must have equal antitoxin.
        3rd deadliest bacterial toxin (used in Whooping Cough shots, DtaP).
     c) Salmonella Toxin, extremely lethal Endo-toxin,
        (attached to aluminum to make HPV shots (gardasil).

3)  Animal, HUMAN, & Yeast mitochondria DNA =
     a) Animal Host Cells leave their DNA attached to Aluminum salt crystals.
        These vaccines are attenuated (less virulent)... measles, mumps, polio, flu.
     b) Human fetal Host Cells make the live viruses more virulent for vaccines.
        These vaccines are NOT attenuated, because host cells are human... rubella, varicella.
     c) Yeast Host Cells leave their mitochondria DNA attached to Aluminum salt crystals.
        Lodged in the brain, it attracts human mitochondria DNA... HepB, HPV.

3)  EXECUTION Drugs =
     a) Phenol is used to blow up host cells to free virus or their VLPs (Virus-Like Proteins).
        Tiny doses are lethal, so Hitler used it for executions... HepA, HepB, polio, flu.
     b) Potassium Chloride is used to execute criminals, it stops the heart.
        Tiny dose is lethal part of cocktail... varicella.

Tetanus bacteria needs its antidote = Anti-Toxin,
and if this product is
lacking enough Antitoxin it causes SIDS.

Diphtheria bacteria needs its antidote = Anti-Toxin,
and if this product is
lacking enough Antitoxin it causes AUTISM.

2, 4, 6 mo MICROBES: HepB virus, HIB bacteria, Pertussis bacteria (w.cough), Strep bacteria, Polio Virus,
12 mo MICROBES, add more: HepA, LIVE Measles, LIVE Mumps, LIVE Rubella, LIVE Varicella (ch.pox).

Salmonella TOXIN , used in HPV shots, (called, MPL/LPS).

Solid block of Aluminum is turned into fluffy SALT,
by adding catalyst, usually Mercury.

5 syringes on a tray…
containing 8 microbes.
"Do you know what's in a Shot?"

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#15 – The HepB shot & our Vagus Nerve.
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#17 - The 2mo Baby Shot Totals.
#18 - The 12mo Baby Shot Totals.

I need HELP, lost my home!
I lost my home, everything is in storage,
and I cannot continue making videos
without support for a location to unpack and film...
Its for our children and their parents!

VIDEO #15 - The HepB shot & our Vagus Nerve

HepB shot & Vitamin Koagulant:
  The Vitamin K shot is a blood clotter that MUST be given with the HepB shot at birth or blood might come out of the Umbilical Cord of the newborn. The 'K' is for 'Koagulant' (German for 'Coagulant'), it's a synthetic blood clotter, not a vitamin needed at birth!
  The HepB shot is an Aluminum-Bomb (750 mcg Aluminum Salt + 10 mcg HepB proteins + 25,000 mcg Yeast), and it can hit the brainstem, immediately turning OFF the Vagus Nerve, sending the body into 'Fight or Flight mode' with nowhere to run. Blood leaves the brain, and brain cells can die from oxygen deprivation in crucial areas like the brainstem, the Command-Center of the Vagus nerve, and the Limbic System wired with the instincts honed over millions of years.

The Vagus Nerve CALMS DOWN the amped up body,
  to 'Rest & Digest', to 'Feed & Breed', to sleep
especially so the brain can flush itself of toxins during sleep.

When the Vagus Nerve turns OFF, the body is Amped Up:
    1) Entire body in 'Flight or Flight' mode.
    2) No 'Rest & Digest'.
    3) No 'Feed and Breed'.
    4) Constant state of running Anxiety, physical pain.
    5) Digestion shut down/slowed from anxiety.
    6) Unable to sleep without Vagus Nerve ON.
    7)No filter on sounds, heightened senses.

  The current technique to relieve Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgias - which stem from Vagus Nerve Shut-Down - is to put implants behind the ear, as close to the Vagus Nerve as they can, Electrical Implants to stimulate the Vagus Nerve, which improves their symptoms.

The Vagus Nerve controls Speech.


1) 3 Lethal Toxins:
  a) The MLD (Minimum Lethal Dose) of Diphtheria & Tetanus Toxins (for 50lb) that need equal amount of Antitoxin to keep the recipient from becoming Brain Damaged, called Autism (from Diphtheria Toxin), or sudden death SIDS (from Tetanus Toxin).
  b) Mutant versions of Diphtheria & Tetanus Toxins that are NOT bonded to their antitoxins, but are still toxic, and they can Piggy-Back on the lethal doses of Diptheria and Tetanus Toxins (the 'Lf' toxins) that are given at the same time as the mutant toxin vaccines. They are never given seperately.
  c) Salmonella Toxin is in the HPV vaccines, bonded to Aluminum, creating an Aluminum-Bomb blasting the brainstem, turning off the Vagus Nerve, causing Syncope (passing out) and Seizures.

2) Aluminum:
  Aluminum has always been bound in rock, and our bodies cannot excrete it very well, it's more persistent than Mercury.
  Back in 1931, it was discovered that Aluminum made a great adjuvant when added to Diphtheria Toxin, causing the first cases of Autism seen by Dr Kanner who called them 'Autistic Children' back in the 1940s.


Neuron development ("brain cell") in the Cerebral Cortex,
Newborn - 1mo - 3mo - 6mo - 12mo - 24mo

  Horses were infected with diphtheria bacteria to produce antibodies that were attached to deadly diphtheria toxin to keep the toxin from killing someone, because this is what became the Whooping Cough vaccine (dtaP/DPT).

  Horses were also infected with Tetanus bacteria to produce antibodies that were attached to deadly Tetanus Toxin to keep the toxin from killing someone, because this is what became the Whooping Cough vaccine (dtaP/DPT).



5 syringes each time, count band-aids.

Astrocytes, janitors of neurons         Image of brain Neurons

Childhood Vaccine Microbes

pediarix ingredients

Daptacel is a vaccine for Pertussis bacteria (whooping cough),
with Tetanux Toxoid & Diphtheria Toxoid (includes their antitoxins).


Virus genes are inserted into YEAST, so they "express" the virus proteins.
 This Genetically-Engineered Yeast is ground up as the Vaccine substance.


Salmonella TOXIN is LETHAL.
One Molecule of salmonella LPS creates 100,000 Fibrinogens.


HeLa cells on Micro-Carrier Beads
to multiply viruses for vaccines.

Vaccine Production,
host cells in solution of blood:
  1) FBS (Fetal Bovine Serum/cow blood),
  2) rHA (recombinant-Human-Albumin/human blood made by Yeast) solution.

HeLa cancer cells & Human Foreskin cells
on Micro-Carrier Beads.


"...Unvaccinated populations,
historically & globally,
do NOT have autism...

Oligodendrocyte cell wrapping around brain Neuron.

A Nude Mouse has been bred to have NO immune system,
so vaccines can be tested, even though all humans recieving them
do have immune systems, so there is no comparison.


The multi-dose bottle (10 dose) bottles contains 250 mcg MERCURY,
thus, each dose has 25 mcg mercury.


 Live Neurotropic Viruses - same we want to avoid our children exposure -
and given in the same dose in the MMR shots as adults.
  The Rubella & Varicella (chicken pox) viruses are grown in Human Fetal Cells,
which is a set-up for the immune system to be taught to attack SELF,
since these viruses were grown in human cells and will enter them.
The Measles and Mumps viruses were grown in chicken fetuses, so they are not infective, and only occasionally go astray.
  The most dangerous live virus is the RUBELLA, should NOT be part of the MMR.

Rubella Virus is the MOST neurotropic of the 4 live viruses injected into a Baby’s BRAIN.

Varicella virus (ch.pox) is a Herpes virus that will be forever in the middle of SPINE.

  Multiplying virus inside Host Cells.

Vaccine production: Host cells multiply Viruses,
these cells are on micro-carrier beads in blood.  

  There are NO Grants for vaccine research, and negative publications are never allowed. The Scientific Method is to study everything, and to claim the Vaccines are AlWAYS SAFE is impossible, especially for babies when they are given One-Size-Fits-All 'Universal Doses' that are made for 50 lb. The first Red Flag is their blatant ignorance of dose per weight.

  The Medical Institution argued against handwashing in the courts for a mind-numbing 70 years, from 1830 until 1910, proving they impede their own progress, and only those whom think outside the box push the envelope of enlightenment.



Kain, Del Bigtree, Allison Jones, Shuman, Dr Wakefield, Silvers.
Del Bigtree (producer of the movie 'Vaxxed'),
Author Jones (vaccine researcher),
Dr Andrew Wakefield (physician & vaccine researcher).

Do you know what's in a Shot?    

I need HELP, lost my home!
I lost my home, everything is in storage,
and I cannot continue making videos
without support for a location to unpack and film...
Its for our children and their parents!

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