Tracking Vaccinations down the Autism Trail
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The 3 Main Recipes
Myelin Growth
Booster Chart
Total Germs
Pediarix Recipe
HepB shot
2mo Doctor Visit
Principle of Allergic Reaction
5 live Virus
Immortal Human Embryos
12mo Doctor Visit
Fluzone Shot
Autism History
Bad reactions
Brain Scans
History Chart
Genotype Charts
Vaccine Germs
Adult Germs

Introductory Booklet
Tracking Booklet
Intro Overview:
1) Main Vaccine Recipes,
2) Infant Physiology,
3) The Germs.


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"...introductory overview
of vaccine recipes,
infant physiology,
& the germs targeted..."

  My son was paralyzed for days by the DPT shot, from the Tetanus Toxin component lacking Anti-Toxin. I've been tracking vaccinations ever since, which led me down the autism trail... it's a hydra-headed beast that should not blindly mix lab experiments with budding babies. One reason why immunization should be a Voluntary Program.

  Doctors discovered the value of hand-washing in 1830, but were ignored despite taking the issue to court repeatedly.

Adults should test these shots on themselves first… adjusted to their weight - to know the full impact of a "Universal Dose" (50lb dosage) given to infants weighing only 15 lb!

amish no autism
Unvaccinated populations, historically and globally, do not have Autism.

Allison Jones on 'The Panel' with Dr Wakefield (2016), see trailer

Vaccine booklet for sale:
vaccine ingredient book
the booklet

Table of Contents


DEDICATED to my brilliant brother,
Dr Ron Jones,
PHD in Toxicology,
and Cancer Researcher,
he taught me about cancer & human physiology
in the most humorous & visual way
from the time i was a child
(he was 12 years older, starting at age 8).

"The right questions lead to the right answers,
thus, it's not IF vaccines
cause autism, but HOW..."

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How vaccines are Made,
How they Work,
How they cause Autism…

Vaccines are Designer Diseases
Dead Bacteria  *  Dead Virus  *  Live Virus

< Major Points
1) ‘Universal Doses’ for 0-6 yrs, made for 50lb.
2) Myelin Insulation around nerves & neurons take 24 mos to grow.
3) Dead Bacteria not a threat, so shots use MLD (minimum-lethal-dose) of tetanus & diphtheria toxins.
4) Dead virus not a threat, so shots use piggy-back on the diphtheria & tetanus toxins in the multi-dose system using mutant toxins of them, or, these shots use a lethal punch of Salmonella toxin - disguised as MPL or AS-04 (in recipes).
5) Formaldehydes (glutaraldehyde too) cross-link toxins in body tissue for slow release, released by body heat (formaldehyde behaves different in cadavers).
6) Live viruses can revert to virulence, recombine, and cause immune responses that are damaging.
7) ‘Virus Seed Cultures’ sent to manufacturers are grown in human ‘HeLa’ (Henrietta’s cancer).
8) All humans have different genes, so different reactions.

vaccines cause autism

1.Polio does not cause autism, but it caused neuropathies, mutated into more EV, and spread SV-40 virus.
2.the dead bacteria vaccines that are not toxic do not cause autism.
3.the toxins that need anti-toxin, such as in the whooping cough vaccine causes autism.
4.The rubella virus in the MMR causes autism. Its not attenuated, instead grown in human embryo cells, then genetically engineered to be temperature sensitive to slow down above 102 degrees, a controlled infection, and then, the amount of this neurotropic virus is 12x that of measles and mumps.
5.the Salmonella toxin used in the new Hep-B causes autism, while in older children it leaves them neurologically impaired if they survive three doses totaling 150 mcg of salmonella toxin.


'Myelin' cells grow around nerves & neurons.
protective insulation for electrical current.

Unvaccinated populations,
historically & globally,
do NOT have autism.


Aluminum Hydroxide is Amalgam of mercury & aluminum,
used to lodge germ proteins in body tissue
for immune system attack and antagonism.

The best way to make Aluminum Hydroxide,
"feathering" the aluminum to make it usable in vaccines.

  Aluminum clogging excretion organs of lamb,
pernicious metal, and synergistic when mercury is present.

Test your child's hair
for Mercury & Aluminum!

vaccine dosage weight child

  1) Live viruses revert to virulence like polio, giving the immune system 2 days to launch a response against the real thing (something only for healthy people).
  2) Dead germs are not viewed as threats by immune systems unless they’ve been toxified, or ‘adsorbed’ to metals (lodged) for annoyance, but getting noticed because of the D & T toxins ever present on a child’s immunization schedule.


  Data gathered from en vitro studies is actually “Soft Data” because it’s done in a simulated environment in the lab.
nbsp; Only data gathered from en VIVO studies in human beings provides the solid data. and have the guts to break the taboo against looking at shots -
in order to ask the right questions to get the right answers!
Up til now, the results have been thoroughly ignored.

Growing viruses for vaccines
inside cell-lines coating micro-carrier beads,
these cells are fed fetal cow blood (red color).

Dead Bacteria...         Dead Virus...

1) Dead Virus & Bacteria vaccines need Adjuvants. (being dead they are not big enough threats to illicit a strong enough immune response - for those expected antibody titers).

2) Live Virus vaccines do NOT need Adjuvants. (they are uncontrollable on their own).

  Antibodies locking onto Antigens on the surface of a cell
to get rid of the foreign proteins they recognize as enemy.
  First discovered working with Tetanus & Diphtheria Toxin and their Antitoxin
- which are just the antibodies to toxins -

The voice of a cell, its AXON, at the juncture (synapse),
"speaking" to another cell, sending its message.

1) Multiple Dendrites are the numerous ears of the cell.
2) The singular Axon has branches, but is the singular voice.

__ vaccine ingredients

Oligodendrocyte cell wrapping around Brain Neurons
making up the MYELIN insulation that allows electrical current.
  (otherwise, the bundles of wires would short circuit without insulation, just like any electrical wire. Multiple Schlerosis means Multiple Scars from virus destruction of the cells that wrap around a nerve fiber for insulation.)

Live viruses get inside "brain-cells" (neurons)
or the immune response to these viruses
can be the destructive force on the neurons.

myelin made of cells

myelin sheath



Salmonella Toxin...      Botox Toxin (above) #1 most lethal,
Tetanus Toxin is #2, Diphtheria Toxin is #3...

Salmonella Toxin is used in lethal doses in the HPV & Hep-B vaccines,
for the same reason they use Tetanus & Diphtheria Toxin -
to illicit a powerful immune response, and a life & death situation to force attacking a benign or dead protein that is not a threat because its NOT ALIVE.

Genes moving between bacteria, mutating their genes.

1) Polysaccharides & other dead foreign protein vaccines that don't use toxins
don't work well.
2) Some dead vaccine recipes use large amounts of sugar - not added for flavor - but, to distract first-responder Neutrophils to buy time for Gene Transfection.


The Vaccine RECIPES

Growing germs in vats for vaccine products.

Lyphilized Powder (frozen live virus) + Diluent = Vaccine ("reconstituted")
 ... this is how to make the MMR shot.

Virus Seeds of Measles are grown inside
mashed fully grown Chicken Embryos in eggs.

Cancer cells are Immortal Cells,
are used to grow viruses for vaccines.

  The Cancer Cells of Henrietta Lacks (HeLa cells) launched the age of viral vaccines, starting with polio in 1952 (she died in 1951). All cells cultures had limited reproduction ability because of their Oncogenes that regulate proliferation, not too little (atrophy), and Not too much (immortal/cancer).
  Cancer was rare back then, and it always died when taken out of the deceased,
but Henrietta Lacks, her cancer cells kept living outside her body
proved to be unstoppable, the most aggressive cancer cells on earth
sent to every lab to grow viruses, dubbed "Immortal Cells".

Micro-Carrier Beads with tiny bumps of HeLa cells,
Viruses are grown inside them for Vaccine Seed Cultures.
The cancer cells of Henrietta Lacks are favored in research,
they proved to be the most aggressive on earth, the first immortal cells.

  The HPV virus (strain #18) made a mistake that would normally be buried with its victim, but instead was injected into millions of people, by growing every virus on earth inside Henrietta Lacks cancer cells. Viruses pick up genes for evolutionary advantage and can insert them into their hosts DNA.
&bsp;That's why 8% of the human genome are Retro-viruses (example: HIV is a retro-virus).

Now researchers are able to immortalize many cell-lines,
such as the caterpillar ovary cells
and Human Fetal cells kept alive since the 1960s.

Have you ever wondered what they do with all those Foreskins?
Butchered from millions of baby boys, leftover from USA puritan history.

These are Foreskin Cells wrapped around Micro-carrier Beads,
these cells are used to grow viruses for vaccines and experiments.

Cell-Lines are fed blood,
aborted fetal cow blood...
called, FBS (Fetal-Bovine-Serum)

The calf is still alive during slaughter, so to keep the blood fresh,
they suck it from their still-beating hearts.
Yes, this is done right on the spot on the slaughterhouse floor,
where everything is covered with the blood, feces,
and the internal organs from millions.
Red with FBS blood, used to feed the cells that are growing virus.

Brain Neuron

Human Fetus Cells are used to grow Virus for Vaccines

    Some viruses are grown in Human Fetus Cell-lines,
picking up genes from these human cells,
able to insert them into their new host.
  The immune system might find cells "expressing" human proteins,
and not only kill the infected cell,
but all other cells containing that human protein.

"...similar to what happens if a Teratoma
has brain neuron proteins
, then the immune system
will attack the person's brain too!


The Vaccine RECIPES


Single mercury atom annihilating budding Dendrite,
footage from University of Calgary.

Brain Neuron
  1) Top - the long Axon (voice), can NOT grow back - loss of voice,
  2) Bottom - the short cluster of Dendrites (ears), can grow back - acute hearing.

2 species must be tested on to approve a drug/vaccine.
Death is the standard of measurement where they start,
discerning little beyond that threshold which is too obvious to miss.
The final phase of testing on the public has not be assessed, ,br> worse, not only are mad reactions NOT recorded as a general rule,
but, the RESULTS are being ignored as 10% of children in schools are SPECIAL NEEDS.

Washing Hands was not practiced until 1910,
doctors spread germs to patients, peers, and the public.
... despite doctors taking the medical institution to court for 70 years!,
since 1830, trying to wake them up to what they've witnessed.

"Trust Us!... We haven't been bought by big pharma neither!"

  At the Crux of Autism is the loss of ir-replaceable cells in the Limbic System, during development.

  The mammal part of the human brain contains all our instincts,
all the basic things that make us human run out of our Limbic System.
  The loss of neurons there can contain instincts such as
imitating other humans to know how to behave,
loss of chemical production for deep sleep, the time for memory storage.

  At night during sleep (when there is no input) the Daily Brain (hippocampus) chooses from its collection of information that day, which bits of info are the most important to save inside new neurons in the higher Cerebral Cortex (the giant walnut part of the brain) is merely the library of the brain.
  Neuron loss becomes (what i call) "Seizure Streams" in the Neo-cortex, the library on top, created from an overload of electrical current (current from the nervous system) that does not have enough neurons for uptake, just like christmas tree lights missing bulbs - the intensity of the current will blow out more bulbs - here the current blows out more neurons, perpetuaating the seizure streams.
  The electrical current rushing up the spine hits its max at the 'Terrible-Twos', because myelin insulation is complete at exactly 24 months, and there can now be full current rushing up the child's spine and they go crazy with feeling their full energy!
  Because males experience testosterone rushes in the womb, amounts equal to puperty to ensure their males form into male brains, and they are prone to more seizure streams that prevent any degree of neuron recovery.

Autism started with the DPT
      The developing brain can be damaged by many things, but the unique effect that the tetanus & diphtheria toxins in the DPT whooping cough shot had on babies and children was bizarre and ignored, just as results are still ignored to this day. Causation damage is deflected - while neurologically altered children become apparent acceptable collateral damage for their programs, wiping out entire lineages of particular genes that could not tolerate repeated doses of diphtheria toxin or got a dose of toxin lacking antitoxin (like my son did, his DPT shot lacked antitoxin for the tetanus toxin).

    The DPT vaccine for whooping cough came out in the 1940's, something only the wealthy could afford, so the first cases of Autism appeared amongst them, blamed on the mothers. Supposed "Experts" called it 'Refrigerator Mother Syndrome' (see the book, "A Shot in the Dark" by Coulter)
  The Japanese figured out Autism in the 1950's when they gave the DPT shot (gift from America after the war) to a group of small children, and witnessed autism for the first time amongst this group, and tried various approaches to their vaccination program, making them available, but voluntary.
  The DPT/dtaP vaccine uses deadly levels of tetanus and diphtheria toxins (per body weight: 50lb for child doses 0.5mL, 100lb doses for adult doses 0.5mL) to make this shot work - causing a huge immune response so ALL foreign proteins are attacked... using the Principle of Allergic Reaction to get the target germ attacked - by default - when all foreign proteins are attacked, no matter how benign, like peanut butter and pollen, dander and dust... and pertussis bacteria is not toxic enough to be set off alarms, nor threatening in any way because it's DEAD.
  All foreign proteins present are attacked, hence allergies are the "learned" (acquired) immune responses to foreign proteins.
      Dtap/tdap is decaffeinated version of DPT with same lethal dose for 50lb of Tetanus & Diphtheria Toxin - in both major brands used on babies, Pediarix has 25 Lf Diphtheria Toxin for babies. To understand how lethal that is for babies, adult shots are only 2.5 Lf dip Toxin.

Bad Reactions to TOXIN shot
      Manufacturer's Notes on common "adverse events" (bad reactions) from the DtaP (whooping cough), now put in other shots. Super toxic being the MLD (minimum lethal dose) of deadly toxin for a 50lb child, given to babies. It needs to EXACT amount of Anti-Toxin or it will kill (SIDS) or leave them on the Spectrum from loss in the Limbic.

Right after:

EEG disturbances with encephalopathy,
Serious and acute neurological disorders,
Complicated convulsions (with or without fever),
Persistent and Inconsolable Crying (lasting 3 hrs or more),
Unusual & High-pitched Crying,
Collapse (hypotonic-hyporesponsive episode),
Severe Neurological Complications.
Within 24 hours:

Fever, Drowsiness,
Fretfulness, Vomiting, Anorexia,
Persistent and Inconsolable Crying,
High-pitched and Unusual Cry,
Collapse (hypo-tonic-non-responsive episode),
Convulsions, Acute Encephalopathy,
Permanent Neurological Deficit.
Beyond 48 hours:

Chronic Neurological Damage, SIDS,
Infantile Spasm,
Guillain-Barre Syndrome,
Learning Disabilities,
Attention-deficit Disorder,
Shock and "Unusual shock-like" state,
Protracted & Inconsolable Cry,
Peripheral Mononeuropathy,
Aseptic Meningitis,
Acute Encephalopathy,
Reye Syndrome.

Just like a Snake-Bite,
lethal toxins need Antidote (called, Anti-Toxin),

Trouble breathing means the baby is waiting for the Toxins
of Tetanus & Diphtheria to wear off, doses for 50lb.

Textbook Notes of DtaP Toxins
1) Diphtheria - "Diphtheria causes the progressive deterioration of myelin sheaths in the central and peripheral nervous system leading to degenerating motor control and loss of sensation."
"Diphtheria toxin is extraordinarily potent;
in sensitive species (e.g. humans, monkeys, rabbits)
as little as 100 to 150 ng per kg of body weight is lethal."
LETHAL DOSAGE for a 10 lb (4.5kg) baby = 0.4 mcg diphtheria toxin.

2) Tetanus - "Epilepsy is induced in lab rats by injecting them with Tetanus toxin , creating seismic activity, and their interest in new things disappears, locomotion is the same, but they explored everything less, from the familiar to novelty items."

"... Tetanus toxin (makes) their interest in new things disappears,
locomotion is the same,
but they explored everything less,
from the familiar to novelty items."

3 brain epochs: Reptile (brainstem), Limbic (mammal), NeoCortex (human),
our Neo-Cortex is just a library for storing info,
while the Limbic System truly runs everything,
it's the mammal brain that makes us human,
The Limbic System contains millions of years of genetic wiring.

Universal Doses
  Children's vaccines are made for ages 0-6 years, but are 'Universal Doses', One-Size-Fits-All , made for the weight of the oldest at 50 lbs.
The smallest amounts of tetanus are deadly to a 10 lb baby (4.5 kg).

Lethal Doses
1,000 ng = 1 ug/mcg
#1 - Lethal dose of Botulism: 1.0 ng per kg
#2 - Lethal dose of Tetanus: 2.5 ng per kg
#3 - Lethal dose of Diphtheria: 0.1 mcg per kg
10 lb baby = 4.5. kg

Adult Shot Sample (11-65yrs)
'Adacel' (dtaP)
Diphtheria toxin - 2 Lf**
Tetanus toxin - 5 Lf
Children Shots* (0-6yrs)
DtaP = 'Pediarix' (dtaP) Diphtheria toxin - 25 Lf
Tetanus toxin - 10 Lf

* NOTICE: It's banned for adults to get childrens dtaP shots!,
  it's "contra-indicated", meaning AGAINST usage for adults (over 7).

 **Lf = 'Limes Flocculation' is coagulation of toxin to the antitoxin used to keep these shots from killing recipient.
  Lf only expresses the amount of antitoxin added, and NOT the amount of extra Toxin present, that is lacking antitoxin. This is why victims are random.

Filters for vaccine products.
minimized to retain vital immune-stimulating substances.

The Vaccine RECIPES

Mercury, Aluminum & Synergistic Toxicity
Aluminum for Antagonist Antigens
(antigens/proteins that identify germ to immune system)

  The use of Mercury is favored over Aluminum, and is still used in flu. Thimerosal was used in the 5mL multi-dose vial, which could get contaminated when sticking the syringe back in.
  All dead Flu brands on the market have 25 mcg Mercury for children, and 50 mcg for adults. Combine that with aluminum in other shots given at the same time, and you get Synergistic Toxicity, an amplification of heavy metal toxins.

Nerves carry electric current that cannot flow without Myelin Insulation.

Brain MRI next to Diagram
The Limbic System is the animal part of the brain that makes us human.
We are born with cells in the limbic system that are wired with ancient instincts,
honed over millions of years for survival, which cannot be replaced.
  The limbic system contains instincts such as, imitating other human beings to know how to behave, melatonin production for deep sleep and the creation of new memories in the cerebral cortex above (the library part of the brain).

The brain on the left turned Autistic, (right is normal),
revealing collapse of the limbic system from lack of cells,
the large walnut-like cortex above it falls,
leaving a gap of visible space under the skull.
Visual proof of loss.


Myelin Sheath insulation cells
take 2 yrs to wrap around nerves & neurons,br>

    Myelin takes 24 mos to finish wrapping around a dozen times to protect nerves and neurons throughout the body and brain. Completion of this insulation allows full electrical current (200 mph in nerves), as we witness with the Terrible-Two's when the child feels this full power and can go crazy with it! Especially in boys, whom are genetically wired to run all day.

Vaccination should wait 2 years,
and be Voluntary...

Less cells means less receptors for surges of electrical current


The decline of disease was not from vaccines,
but due to sanitation techniques,
toilets, plumbing (1847),
antibody shots* (1890),
cars & roads (1920),
antibiotics (1940),
sabin oral polio** (1961).     *Antibody Shots led to the first vaccines. These antibodies were grown in living horses infected with tetanus or diphtheria toxin. They GIVE antibodies, instead of FORCING a body to make antibodies.

chart child vaccine history



Childrens' Vaccine Germs
Salmonella bacteria, HIB bacteria... Polio virus, Varicella virus.

The Germs

Diphtheria - the lethal dose of diphtheria toxin (and its anti-toxin antidote) for 50 lbs is used to complement more lethal tetanus toxin used to make dead bacteria vaccines work (pertussis, strep, HIB). The ‘Lf’ in recipes only reflects the amount of anti-toxin flocculated to toxin, not the rest, and it might not be enough, because only an average amount of antitoxin is added in production. The population has always preened of the intolerant, while tolerance is built by repeated usage. Diphtheria toxin is necrotic and damaging to budding neurons.

Flu - the shots cover 3 strains of flu virus out of thousands. A universal strain vaccine is attempted in the brand Pandremix, might have caused narcolepsy from the largest dose of any adjuvant = 10,690 mcg Squalene (translate all recipes from mg to mcg for proper comparison). The flu mist thaws out virus that are genetically engineered not to multiply above human body temperature, even though it is our body heat that thaws them for reanimation.
Hep-A – hep-A viruses are grown in human embryo cells (MRC-5) and then cross-lilnked by formaldehyde, and adsorbed to 225 mcg aluminum (Vaqta), and 450 mcg aluminum (Twinrix).

Hep-B – hepB antigen genes are inserted into yeast colonies (beer yeast, saccharomyces) and these antigens are then expressed through the yeast membranes. The yeast is ground up and rinsed after adsorbing hepB proteins to aluminum, 250 mcg in both brands used (energixB, recombivax).
  HepB was spread by the Smallpox campaign. For the first 100 years they spread it from person to person (arm to arm)… (durng the second 100 years, cowpox vaccine was harvested from cows stretched on racks to scrap the pus on their stomachs). For example, the 22 orphans whom were sailed across the Atlantic to the Americas, spreading cowpox infection from child to child, harvesting cowpox virus every few days to keep it alive. This was done around the world, and in Australia, amongst the native Aborigines (pure of germs), we see the explosion of HepB (tip of iceberg) from the live human cowpox campaign sticking a soup of human blood from countless contributors.

HIB - a product of the antibiotic debacle, natural residents of the immune system in the nasopharynx that keep virulent mutants becoming dominant, such as strep. Its vaccine uses either tetanus or diphtheria toxin (CRM-197) to be noticed by the immune system since it’s a dead bacteria and not a threat otherwise.

HPV – there are 200 species of HPV virus living in various niches in the human body, natural residents in the human virome. HPV viruses are DNA viruses that insert their DNA into the hosts genome, harming their host would not be beneficial, not its goal, and an accident in most cases.
  The cancer cells of Henrietta Lacks had a rogue HPV-18 virus parked next to her oncogenes, and this particularly aggressive mutant quickly became the solution for growing tons of virus for vaccines since being cancer cells they were clonal and being aggressive able to live outside her body. Today cells can be cancerized (immortalized) for virus projects, but her cells (HeLa) and descendents lines are favored and have been used to grow all the Virus-Seed-Cultures sent to manufacturers.

Measles – this live virus is a Neurotropic virus, meaning it targets Neurons, its 'Tropism' is Neurons... and there are 1,000 TCID-50 (tissue-culture-infectious-dose) in MMR vaccines, which can be too great a viral load for someone with a weakened immune systemm - weakened either by Mal-nutrition, or, by a Compromised system that has to fight the numerous other LIVE viruses.
  Children at 12 months are given for the first time, (or as young as 9 mos by eager doctors and nurses) these live injections of 4 dangerous viruses to inject at such an immature stage, because these 4 viruses are NEURO-tropic (mumps, rubella, and varicella virus has been added).
  It used to take 1,500 monkeys to make 1 million doses of measles vaccine (using their kidneys), until monkey kidney cells were "immortalized" thanks to the aggressive cancer cells of Henrietta Lacks (He-La = HeLa cell-line), and dubbed the VERO cell-line in 1962.
… “It is well established that tumor cells express abundant CD46 receptors
on their surfaces compared with their normal counterparts.”
(from ‘High CD46 receptor density determines perferential killing of tumor cells
by oncolytic measles virus": Jul 2004, Anderson & Nakamura).

Mumps - this live virus is a Neurotropic virus, meaning it targets Neurons, its 'Tropism' is Neurons... and there are 12,000 TCID-50 (tissue-culture-infectious-dose) in MMR vaccines, which is 12x higher than other doses in the MMR, and this can be too high a viral load for someone with a weakened immune systemm - weakened either by Mal-nutrition, or, Compromised system that has to fight the numerous other LIVE viruses.
  Children at 12 months are given (for the first time) live injections of 4 dangerous viruses to inject at such an immature stage, because these 4 viruses are NEURO-tropic (measles, rubella, and varicella virus has been added).

Neisseria (‘meningitis’ is a condition) - a product of the antibiotic debacle, since there are numerous strains (7 residents) of Neisseria Strep in our biome, a healthy immune system (not exhausted) prevents rogue virulence. It uses diphtheria toxin (CRM-197) to be noticed by the immune system since once dead it’s not a threat. Works better with the dtaP shot.

Pertussis – this bacteria is not a resident and causes harm to chidlren by colonizing the throat and destroying cilia, which is why the cough continues despite the bacteria being gone, because cilia has to grow back. It does not bother most adults, whom only experience a bad cough, but can spread it to children, whom get it from adults. The vaccine uses the Minimum-Lethal-Dose of tetanus (2nd deadly bacteria toxin) and diphtheria (3rd deadly bacteria toxin) for 50 lb in the universal dosage of childrens’ vaccines ages 0-6 years, and has been one of the most problematic shots to launch the autism epidemic. Since only an average amount of anti-toxin is added to the batches of toxic bacteria grown for the pertussis, some batches get more than they need and some not enough (that’s what paralyzed my son). The vaccine for pertussis does not work without the Lf of diphtheria and tetanus toxins that can damage budding neurons in different ways, able to cause neurological sequelae, such as, autism and SIDS, and allergies because the DPT/dtaP works by ‘The Principle of Allergic Reaction’.

Polio – Live virus drops (OPV) force infection in a supposedly "controlled" manner, but reveals how important the State of the Host is, which means the one recieving the live virus infection.... 3 polio strains are given at the same time, which means in a few days the dominant strain will have taken over and become Un-Attenuated, actually the same virulent strain they took to attenuate by growing it in another species of animal for numerous passages.
  The "reversion" or actually dominance to virulence in the polio strains, given 3 times so each strain can get a chance to dominant, and then it's being shed for months or years - as some people become carriers without symptoms, spreading it through numerous hosts until new strains of polio spawn, EV: Entero-Virus, like EV-68 in california, 1968... understand that the Polio Virus does NOT want to paralyze their host, that is an accident, but represents something different about a host that does become paralyzed.
  Thus, the increase in paralytic polio in India from the OPV live oral polio virus program - is because the hosts are Malnourished with Weakened Immune Systems that cannot build up immunity within the 2 day window of time offered by the live vaccine. The virulent strain that dominates within 2 days cannot be fought by the malnourished host that is most likely also infected by parasites that already exhaust their immune systems. While a few viruses feared by the wealthy nations of the world are pursued, the greater problem to the bottom 2 billion people on the earth are parasites, worms, protozoa, amoebas, etc, that exhaust their immune systems, take all their nutrients, stunt their bodies and the developing minds of children, when all they really need is clean water and mosquito nets for starters.
  The OPV live polio virus program was stopped in america decades ago because of virulent virus shedding that created new strains of EV (Entero-Virus), and replaced with the dead IPV, which fades in a few years and is a temporary measure that does not offer the prospect of eradication, thus the USA is considering combining the IPV and OPV, giving the IPV first to protect against the OPV (the dead virus shot to protect against the virulent viruses in the OPV live drink).

Rotavirus – this live virus is passed from adult to infant, and immunity is built while recieving 'Passive' Immunity from the mother (this is how immunity is built for most viruses). It's problematic in malnourished children, while in America over-use of Antibiotics has devastated gut flora, on top of the cultural practice for decades to Bottle-Feed instead of seeding the majority of flora in the babys gut through colostrum.
  The vaccine is a virus thats a hybrid of human and cow (bovine) rotavirus, called a "re-assortment'. The practice in slaughterhouses spreads cow feces containing rotavirus that is spread through consumption and passed on in bathrooms because people especially men still dont wash their hands.

Rubella – this could be the live virus causing Autism in some children from the MMR... this live virus is very damaging on fetal development, and being the dose of Rubella in the MMR is 12x the dose of other viruses, and that it's Temperature Sensitive (ts) - meaning it does not reproduce above a specific body temperature.
  In the vaccine there are two strains, and one stops reproducing above body temperature, but the other stops after a fever of 101 F has been reached to allow the Rubella virus to replicate to a greater extent.
  Children at 12 months are given (for the first time) live injections of 4 dangerous viruses, including this massive dose of temperature sensitive Rubella virus, and it is NOT attenuated, instead its grown in HUMAN fetal cells that have been kept alive since the 1960s - this is the opposite of attenuation, the whole premise of safety claimed when injecting people with the very same germ you want to avoid.

Smallpox - Cowpox is a naturally attenuated strain of Smallpox, grown in another species to weaken its virulence for humans. The strain they use today in the vaccine is Vaccinia, which is the final product of the Human Passaging of this virus over more than 100 years of being passed from human being to human being, hence no one ancestor strain can be traced. Cowpox Virus was sailed around the world and kept viable by being passed from human to human, starting with 22 orphans that crossed the Atlantic in the 1800s (the Balmis Expedition), being passed from orphan to the next orphan to keep it alive, every 3 days infecting the next human transportee... Unfortunately this also spread the blood mixed in with the pus scrapings spread Hepatitis-B around the world (australian aborigines are a good example of this).

Scraping smallpox virus from pus,
spread this virus around the world for over 100 years through pus scraping,
which spread Hepatitis-B & other viruses too.

Strep (‘pneumonia’ is a condition) – a product of the antibiotic debacle, since there are numerous strains of Strep (10 of them) that are natural residents in our biome, and a healthy immune system (not exhausted) prevents rogue virulence. Changes in the bacteria colonizes that traffic emerging strains within host humans would allow "bad" bacteria to take over.
  The vaccine for Strep uses lethal diphtheria toxin (CRM-197) to get something dead (and hence not a threat to be noticed) by the immune system since once dead it’s not a threat. Its not given alone, and works most effectively when given with the dtaP shot (it piggybacks of lethal levels of tetanus & diphtheria toxin).

Tetanus – a lethal dose of tetanus toxin (and its anti-toxin antidote) for 50 lbs is used to make dead bacteria vaccines work (pertussis, HIB). The ‘Lf’ in recipes only reflects the amount of anti-toxin flocculated to toxin, not the rest, and it might not be enough, becauses only an average amount of antitoxin is added in production. Tetanus toxin lacking antitoxin causes SIDS.

Varicella (chicken pox) – neurotropic virus (1,300 PFU) in vaccines, counts number of infected cells, which patch the holes where virus enters with plaque. Varicella IS chicken pox, which IS a Herpes virus, number 3. Coldsores on the lips top and bottom are 1 and 2 (HHV-#1, HHV-#2 = Human-Herpes-Virus). These viruses get into the body and stay, teaching their human host how to keep the immune system strong or they will take advantage of the situation. Hence, when other germs are exhausting the immune system, herpes will come out on the lips. Thus, combining 4 live neurotropic viruses in a 12 mo old child is a set-up for disaster.
  Varicella viruses are NOT attenuated, instead grown in human embryo cell-lines to make it more virulent. Apparently, the body doesn’t fight this familiar virus, so they have to make it more virulent to achieve their goal of high antibody titers. The vaccine virus is not the same as the natural strain, after being passaged repeatedly through Henrietta's cancer cells ('HeLa' cells), and then, Human Embryo cells ('MRC-5' cell-line).

XMRV (lab virus)          MRSA (staph bacteria)
(human-mouse chimera virus)        (pathogen in low oxygen)

Adult Germs

MRSA =  staph lives on our skin, and all bacteria exposed to antibiotics will become resistent in a year. Antibiotics come from fungi, and there are only just so many. Becoming resistent to Methicillin has made MRSA famous (methicilin-resistent-staph-aureus). It has moved out of hospitals into homes and lives on the skin flakes that fall off our bodies all day (we shed @ 1.6 lb of skin every year!). Each residential MRSA colony does not allow any other isolate into the house, behaving much like bacteria does in the body. People with poor circulation have reduced oxygen and a reduced macrophage response, offering MRSA proliferation.

SV-40 =  this virus came from monkey kidney being used to make polio vaccines for years, used to multiple virus for vaccines. They have since created eternal monkey kidney cells called VERO cells. Another famous virus came from using monkey kidneys to make the polio vaccine in the heart of Africa, before refrigeration on planes, so they made it there and injected millions with SIV which became HIV - from our nearly 100% genetic relationship to Simians.

Tuberculosis =   will get sealed off in the lung in little calcium pockets, but in the end those with suppressed immune system can lose out to this latent bacteria.

XMRV =   this lab-created chimera virus (containing both mouse and human genes) is spread by Monoclonal Antibody treatment (MAB), which are produced in mice, and mice have XMRV, a virus that sops up the Androgens of the Prostate gland, and its constant presence eventually exhausts the immune system, allowing this Leukemia-Related virus to mess up the lymphatic system that cleans up the blood.

Zika =   Zika virus is a flavi-virus related to West Nile Virus, Dengue, yellow fever, & Chikingunya. Its presence in a child with microcephaly does not mean it’s the causative factor, there are a lot of viruses present, and this outcome has not been replicated in mouse models – in which the entire brain is trashed. Instead, the microcephaly cases that came and went, were from MMR vaccines given to women whom became pregnant (within 4 weeks or whom were in the earliest stages of pregnancy and unaware yet), either new, something different, or something went wrong, since the Rubella virus is "temperature sensitive”: (ts), replication slows down as temperature rises above 102 degrees F. This vaccine (Meruvax, used in MMR, MMR-2) is:
1.grown in human embryo cells kept alive since the 1960s,
2.there are 12x as many rubella virus than measles or mumps in the
3.virus is well known to cross placenta and cause microcephaly in the first trimester.

Managing Germs:
  1.the immune system is stimulated (antibody production), antagonized (lodged metals, formaldehyde crosslinking), amplified (toxins needing antitoxins, mutant toxins).
  2.the germ is blocked from entry into human cells, cripple
  3.the immune response is reduced, or, turned off.

Bacteria =  are commensals that become pathogens when damage occurs in the body. They form colonies that keep bad bacteria at bay, but antibiotics have destroyed entire micro-biomes in peoples intestines, making it hard to absorb vitamins and nutrients from their food. Antibiotics are in all meats, triclosan in toothpaste and dish soap for consumption, etc,… making it amazing that the human race survived the Age of Antibiotics.

Cancer =  the immune system is constantly fighting off cancerized cells (gene altered cells by many means), and is usually successful with the small battles, but becomes exhausted by the big ones, exhausted after months or years fighting the same useless battle against a tumor and at some point it gives up, and that’s when the cloning cells win. That’s when the patient becomes aware. Melanoma is a good example of how constant exposure to radiation (from the sun passing through a thin ozone layer) will damage genes and start an impossible battle that can eventually exhaust the immune system. Chemotherapy justs targets rapidly dividing cells in your body, and cannot distinguish between cancer and you, being that the cancer cells ARE your cells. Chemo treatment kills the cancer cells before it kills you. It kills ALL rapidly dividing cells, such as, hair, intestinal lining, and immune system cells.

Immune Systems =  Have start and stop signals. When there is a virus or bacteria infection, or there is cancer starting and battles must be fought, at some point, a losing battle becomes too much and the immune system is told to stop and give up. Steroids are given to force this, but the fleeting escape from inflammation they offer does not fix the problem causing it. A healthy immune system needs a healthy micro-biome, which means a diversity of bacteria and lots of viruses that help maintain the microscopic population. An alkaline body is better than one acidic from constant decomposition of cadavers, or milk made for baby cows to grow 400 lb in a year. Lots of spirulina (chlorophyll), black mushrooms (soaks up radiation), and alternative amino acids.


  Allergy – 'The Principle of Allergic Reaction' is used to make dead bacteria vaccines work (since dead bacteria illicit no immune response by themselves), so generating an allergic reaction by using lethal levels of toxins that create a life and death situation to force a hyper-immune response that attacks ALL foreign proteins, including benign target germs like peanut butter, pollen (seeds), milk (casein), and dander (bug bodies) are foreign proteins.
  Babies get Universal Doses (50lb doses) of Tetanus & Diphtheria Toxin in the whooping cough vaccine - made for the 50lb 6 year old child, yet given to a 10lb baby - these toxins are added on purpose for immune responses so intense that ALL foreign proteins, including vaccine germs are attacked.
  Antigens – are the proteins on the outside of bacteria and viruses that identify them to the immune system for antibody production. Antigen stimulation is the classic vaccine technique to get a virus recognized by the immune system, and the ONLY thing looked at in vaccinees are their Anti-body Titer, not any of the endless things that can go wrong.
  AS03 adjuvant (AS-03)– contains the largest dose of any adjuvant, called Squalene is in the Pandremix vaccine... 10-100x the amount previously in vaccines, using 10,690 mcg Squalene. , a universal
  Pandremix is a flu shot designed to cover all strains, immediately upon testing in Europe caused widespread fainting and Narcolepsy (passing out).
  AS04 adjuvant (AS-04)– usual acronym disguising a deadly ingredient, in this case its Salmonella Toxin (lethal dose of 50 mcg) is used in both HPV vaccines, and now the new Hep-B vaccine.
  Attenuation – means growing viruses in a species other than human, so they do NOT become virulent in their new host. This is the supposed reason that live virus vaccines are safer than natural infection, but today many viruses are grown inside Human Fetal Cell-lines, which is NOT attenuation, and would make them more virulent for humans.
  Rubella virus is grown in human cells, and then given in the MMR - there are 12x more Rubella virus than the others, and they would be more virulent than the others, and could be the worse of the 3 culprits in the MMR to cause autism.

The presence of human cerebral proteins expressed on cells
infected with live virus would lead the immune system
to attack the baby's brain cells.

  Autism - is caused by neuron loss in the Limbic System during development, where cells were wired over millions of years with instincts, such as, imitating other humans to know how to behave, and melatonin production for memory selection during sleep.
  There are many ways to damage developing neurons, and the ingredients within the 3 main vaccine recipes are no exception (toxins, heavy metals, live virus). Japan was gifted the DPT shot after the war, and they saw autism for the first time in the group of toddlers they gave it to, hence their program is voluntary.

  Formaldehyde – cross-links proteins and is used to bond the deadly doses of toxins in body tissue for slow release. Its used for corpses, while the heat from a live body will eventually disipate the formaldehyde and slowly release the toxins (flocculated to germ antigens). Without formaldehyde the lethal doses for 50lb kids would kill more 20lb children, instead of chipping away at their full neural potential.
  Host cells – Viruses need host cells to multiply, and are grown in continuous cell-colonies, like cancer cells that are immortal (HeLa cells) and embryo cells from many species - chicken, monkey, and human cells - have been immortalized,
kept alive for half a century.
  Limes Flocculation (Lf) - Lf is the measurement of how much deadly toxin is bonded to its anti-toxin, and the coagulation that binds them is called ‘Flocculation’. Take note that this anti-toxin is actually the antibodies against the toxin, and that this measurement does NOT measure how much toxin is still free because it has not been flocculated because not enough anti-toxin was provided in the process of making this an injectable drug.
  For example, the commonly used Pediarix vaccine used for whooping cough contains 10 Lf Tetanus Toxoid and 25 Lf Diphtheria Toxoid. If antitoxin is lacking, the tetanus toxin will paralyze and cause SIDS, while Diphtheria toxin can leave them on the spectrum.
  Minimum Lethal Dose (MLD) – Minimum lethal dose of tetanus & diphtheria toxin for a 50lb child is used in the whooping cough shot, the (DPT/dtaP - same recipe, same amount of toxin).
  MRC-5 – are cells used to grow viruses for vaccines. MRC-5 is a "continuous" cell-line from 3 mo old human fetus lungs, alive since 1965, called to be "Immortalized", turning them into cancer cells, their oncogenes gone wild.
  This human cell-line would not be called Attenuation, because the definition of attenuation is growing vaccine viruses in Non-Human cells, to reduced virulence for the human species and controlled virulence for the new species (ie, eggs for measles, monkey kidneys for polio, caterpillar ovaries for hpv, yeast for hepB virus). attenuate the viruses, instead increasing virion infectivity and virulence.
  Principle of Allergic Reaction – makes dead bacteria vaccines work, otherwise ignored by the immune system - because theyre dead - so, deadly toxins are added to force a hyper-immune-response that will attack ALL foreign proteins.   Its used in the dead bacteria vaccines, and now some of the dead virus vaccines, creating massive allergic responses to all foreign proteins including viruses tagged with mutant toxic versions of the toxoid creating the storm. To protect adults (over 7 yrs), the same shots are 4 - 10x milder than those given to babies.
  SIDS – Sudden Infant Death is from the lethal doses of Tetanus and diptheria toxins lacking their Anti-toxins in the whooping cough shots. Although it began at the turn of the century with the so-called Diphtheria Vaccine for babies which gave us our first SIDS epidemic. Because it was only the rich families that could afford shots, only their children died and a mistake was made from studying cadavers of poor families and thought the thymus difference between wealth and poverty caused by stress was not the problem. see article 'when science goes wrong': the article.
  TCID-50 (Tissue Culture Infectious Dose)
  A unit of measurement to count viruses for vaccine doses. There are 1,000 TCID of measles in the MMR, that means 1,000 cells were infected.
  By counting the number of cells infected by measles virus it gives them a measurement of virus-virulence (greater cell entry ability).
  Transfection (transfer + infection) – There are numerous ways to transfer DNA into vaccinee genes and potentially change receptor sites on cells to block the entry of viruses to changing neurons in the brain, anything is possible - from injecting HeLa cancer cells in everyone through live virus vaccines to creating FundVaxx that switch off the 'God Gene' in human brains (whatever that means) for islamist extremists... or use chemical transfection techniques for DNA change in human-resident bacteria strains, such as, Strep & Neisseria. see, Transformation.
  Transformation (transfer + formation) – Fred Griffith discovered in 1928 that the DNA from dead bacteria transfered into DNA live bacteria of the same species and transformed it, making benign strains virulent strains. This led to todays popular gene-transfection techniques, which use gene guns and an arsenal of methods akin to modern warfare to force DNA change inside a cell.
  Universal Doses – all children’s vaccines are made for 50 lb kids, they’re One-Size-Fits-All for ages 0-6 years, but made for the weight of the oldest.
  Virus Seed Culture – are the viruses sent to manufacturers for their products. ALL virus seed cultures are grown in HeLa cells, cancer cells of Henrietta Lacks, proven to be the aggressive on earth.
  WI-38 – Continuous cell-line from 3 mo old human fetus lungs, alive since 1962. Used to grow viruses for vaccine products. (WI = Wistar Institute, aborted fetus #38).


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