How Vaccines can destroy developing Neurons
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History Chart
History of Autism
Adverse Events
Universal Dose
Limbic Brain

Unvaccinated Populations,
globally & historically,
do NOT have autism.


MLD diphtheria toxin lacking anti-toxin
Chronic Auto-immune Response targeting Neurons
Live Viruses given simultaneously that are Neuro-tropic.


Vaccine Production in Brazil

  Dead bacteria vaccines use lethal toxins (tetanus, diphtheria), while dead virus vaccines use endotoxins of Salmonella or highly lethal phenol to really get the immune system fired up when presented with a vaccine induced a life or death situation to get those high antibody titers.

The astonishingly simple filters used in making some vaccines

  Pediarix has 25 Lf Diphtheria Toxin for babies (0-6 yrs).
Adult shots are only 2.5 Lf diptheria toxin (over 7 yrs).
    *Lf = "Limes flocculation" means coagulating anti-toxin to toxin.
  The final product only counts toxins that HAVE BEEN flocculated to their anti-toxins,
NOT those un-flocculated because not enough Anti-toxin was added,
a common occurence since they add only an average amount,
because for convenience they do not bother to measure exactly how much toxin
that each batch of bacteria in their seperate vats have produced.

Vats of bacteria or virus
growing in vaccine facility.

Autism started with the DPT
    The DPT shot for whooping cough came out in the 1940's, something only the wealthy could afford, so the first cases of Autism appeared amongst them and blamed on the mothers. Experts called it 'Refrigerator Mother Syndrome' (see the book, "A Shot in the Dark" by Coulter).
  Not all batches of diphtheria toxin and tetanus toxin grown for the whooping cough vaccine will have enough of their Anti-toxins added, because only an average amount of anti-toxin is added, because they are not checking and guess-timating instead. This is what paralyzed by 4 year old son for a while, a close call, because you cannot build an immunity to tetanus, and the toxin is unforgiving. Meanwhile, I believe it's the diphtheria toxin lacking enough anti-toxin in these universal dose shots made for 50 lb yet given to 10 babies that is leaving so many on the Spectrum of neurological deficit in irreplaceable places, like the limbic system.
  The Japanese observed autism amongst their babies receiving the "gift" from America post World War II, and not only improved on the recipe slightly by rinsing out the toxic contents of the whooping cough bacteria before grinding it up for the vaccine, but have also made vaccination voluntary.

Bad Reactions to TOXIN shot
      Manufacturer's Notes on common "adverse events" (bad reactions) from the DtaP (whooping cough), now put in other shots. Super toxic being the MLD (minimum lethal dose) of deadly toxin for a 50lb child, given to babies. It needs to EXACT amount of Anti-Toxin or it will kill (SIDS) or leave them on the Spectrum from loss in the Limbic.

Right after:

EEG disturbances with encephalopathy,
Serious and acute neurological disorders,
Complicated convulsions (with or without fever),
Persistent and Inconsolable Crying (lasting 3 hrs or more),
Unusual & High-pitched Crying,
Collapse (hypotonic-hyporesponsive episode),
Severe Neurological Complications.
Within 24 hours:

Fever, Drowsiness,
Fretfulness, Vomiting, Anorexia,
Persistent and Inconsolable Crying,
High-pitched and Unusual Cry,
Collapse (hypo-tonic-non-responsive episode),
Convulsions, Acute Encephalopathy,
Permanent Neurological Deficit.
Beyond 48 hours:

Chronic Neurological Damage, SIDS,
Infantile Spasm,
Guillain-Barre Syndrome,
Learning Disabilities,
Attention-deficit Disorder,
Shock and "Unusual shock-like" state,
Protracted & Inconsolable Cry,
Peripheral Mononeuropathy,
Aseptic Meningitis,
Acute Encephalopathy,
Reye Syndrome.

  The phenomenon that babies have a hard time breathing
is from the MLD toxins in the whooping cough shots given at 2, 4, 6 mos.
If a shot does not have enough of the antitoxin
then the baby will experience being poisoned
from the Diphtheria.

  The Tetanus toxin lacking antitoxin can cause SIDS. for 3 days, then he would have not been able to breathe neither
and called yet another mysterious SIDS case,
because vaccines are exempt from being added into the equation.

Textbook Notes of DtaP Toxins
1) Diphtheria - "Diphtheria causes the progressive deterioration
of myelin sheaths in the central and peripheral nervous system
leading to degenerating motor control and loss of sensation."
"Diphtheria toxin is extraordinarily potent;
in sensitive species (e.g. humans, monkeys, rabbits)
as little as 100 to 150 ng per kg of body weight is lethal."

LETHAL DOSAGE for a 10 lb (4.5kg) baby is 0.4 mcg diphtheria toxin.

2) Tetanus -"Epilepsy is induced in lab rats by injecting them with Tetanus toxin, creating seismic activity, and their interest in new things disappears, locomotion is the same, but they explored everything less, from the familiar to novelty items."

"..Tetanus toxin (makes) their
interest in new things disappear,
locomotion is the same,
but they explored everything less,
from the familiar to novelty items."


Universal Doses
  Children's vaccines are made for ages 0-6 years,
but are One-Size-Fits-All ,
made for the weight of the oldest at 50 lbs.

The tetanus arch,
my 4 yr old son did this for days
following a DPT shot
(it lacked anti-toxin for its tetanus toxin).

Lethal Doses
1,000 ng = 1 ug/mcg
#1 - Lethal dose of Botulism: 1.0 ng per kg
#2 - Lethal dose of Tetanus: 2.5 ng per kg
#3 - Lethal dose of Diphtheria: 0.1 mcg per kg
10 lb baby = 4.5. kg

Adult Shot Sample (11-65yrs)
'Adacel' (dtaP)
Diphtheria toxin - 2 Lf**
Tetanus toxin - 5 Lf
Children Shots* (0-6yrs)
DtaP = 'Pediarix' (dtaP) Diphtheria toxin - 25 Lf
Tetanus toxin - 10 Lf

* NOTICE: It's banned for adults to get childrens dtaP shots!,
  it's "contra-indicated": AGAINST usage for adults (over 7).

 **Lf = 'Limes Flocculation' is coagulation of toxin to the antitoxin used to keep these shots from killing recipient.
  Lf only expresses the amount of antitoxin added, and NOT the amount of extra Toxin present, that is lacking antitoxin. This is why victims are random.

The Minimum Lethal Dose of Diphtheria Toxin is used in Whooping Cough vaccines, and MUST have the EXACT amount of anti=toxin to match said dose of deadly toxin. The batches can be lacking anti-toxin, causing neurological death or degeneration (autism spectrum) or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome when Tetanus toxin lacking anti-toxin stops breathing, because there is no tolerance gained for tetanus toxin. It's unforgiving.


Our Limbic System contains vital neurons,
containing all the instincts that make us Human!

The 3 Epochs of the Brain:
Reptile (brainstem),
Limbic (mammal),
Cortex (human).

  Our Cortex is the library part of our brain,
it's just for storing information,
while our Limbic System is the foundation of everything that makes us human.

It's the mammal brain that makes us human,
The Limbic System contains millions of years of genetic wiring.

Myelin Insulation protects our Nerve & Neurons,
but need 24 months to complete wrapping around them.

Tetanus anti-toxin MUST be flocculated (Lf) to this toxin.

How vaccines destroy developing Neurons
1)  Some contain MLD (lethal) doses of diphtheria toxins lacking enough of their anti-toxins
can destroy neurons in the limbic system where instincts reside
giving us classic Autism.

2)   Chronic immune stimulation can lead to turning on itself ("self" cells), even attacking neurons in the brain through attacks that started in the peripheral nerve system, including the Vagus nerve connecting the fully sentinel gut tract to the brain.

3)   Astrocytes are attached to neurons ("brain cells") like janitors cleaning them and protecting them, but when they die, so too do their neurons.

  Immune stimulants are added to dead microbe vaccines
because dead microbes do not illicit immune responses.
They are not threats.

No vaccines under 2 years!
Vaccination must be Voluntary!

The decline of disease was due to sanitation techniques,
toilets, plumbing (1847),
antibody shots* (1890),
cars & roads (1920),
antibiotics (1940)

    *Antibodies against diphtheria & tetanus toxins (foundation of the whooping cough vaccine to be) were first grown in horses,
called 'Antitoxins' they bonded to their toxin and this flocculation, is the Lf in the "recipes" to the first dead bacteria vaccine, which was for Whooping Cough which is a condition caused by the pertussis bacteria because it colonizes the throat.

  New vaccines for Strep, Neisseria, & HIB (all dead bacteria) use mutant versions of either of these toxins, that are just as toxic or they wouldn't work, because the immune system would have no reason to react.

NOTE: Smallpox Live virus Vaccine
  Smallpox was a live virus grown in humans (orphaned children) for years sailing around the world's oceans, and then the virus was grown in cows and the pus containing live virus scraped off their stomachs to become the live virus vaccine.


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