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Myelin Insulation
Lethal Ingredient Chart
Aluminum Powder
Limbic System defines Autism
Adverse Reaction Chart
HepB production
Vitamin Koagulant
Syncope Strokes
Cranial Nerves
Vagus Nerve
Cause of Autism
Dead Bacteria Intro
Allergic Principle
Pediarix recipe
Prevnar recipe
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Dead Virus Intro
Virus Design Chart
Vaqta recipe
Fluzone recipe
Coal-Tar Painkillers
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School in 1963
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were once

1) My son was paralyzed by the DPT shot within minutes. They contain the lethal dose for 50 lb of Tetanus Toxin and his shot did not have enough of the tetanus antitoxin.
2) He was 4 yrs old, weighed 40 lb, and barely survived, as i held him for 3 days begging him to stay with me.
3) He was only able to blink, swallow, and breathe for 3 days, finally softened up, dragging a leg for weeks.
  I've been tracking vaccinations ever since, which led me down the autism trail.

4) The crux of "Autism" (auto-person) is Limbic System loss, exhibiting all the features from loss of millions of years of hard-wired instincts that were inside neurons born with us for survival as a species.
5) Constant hyper-tension from the aluminum-bombs shot into the brain will keep the alarm sounding for Fight and Flight, keeping the Vagus Nerve suppressed.

The Limbic System,
glowing at top of brainstem.

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DEDICATED to my brother,
Dr Ronald Conrad Jones,
PHD in Toxicology,
Cancer Researcher,
whom taught me early on
about human physiology
& the nature of cancer!

How vaccines are Made,
how they work,
how they cause Autism...
2 mo old babies get 5 shots,
each dose for 50 lb

All Kids' Shots (0-6yrs) are made 'One-Size-Fits-All',
made for the weight of the heaviest, the 6 yr old (50 lb)
called 'Universal Doses'


Our body is electric... our brain can turn on a lightbulb,
and just like wires, neurons need insulation to carry current.

Myelin insulation takes 2 years
to complete wrapping aroung our nerves!

5 shots (50 lb dose each)
for 2 mo old, 15 lb baby

Snake Venom needs Anti-Venom, its antibody,
Lethal Toxins need Anti-Toxin, its antibody.

  Aluminum blows through the Blood Brain Barrier,
by destroying Astrocytes, leaving neurons unprotected.
Many "inactivated" vaccines use Aluminum br> as the glue for target microbes, but the
immune system cannot dismantle the threat,
thus, it cannot learn long-life immunity,
nor will it go away, so the attack morphs
into the immune system attacking the body:"Self".

Column of Aluminum Hydroxide "Salt"


The Limbic System is our ancient brain,
hard-wired with millions of years of instincts,
and they are irreplaceable.
  Autistics have damaged limbic systems,
and whereas the rest of their brain recovers,
the limbic system does not.

Brain Neuron glowing green,
Dendrites receive info, (bottom)
the branching Axon sends out info, (top)
...The dendrites are like multiple ears,
...while the axon is the singular voice of the cell.

"Do you know what's in a Shot?"
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Vaccine Videos:
#1 - How the Whooping Cough Vaccine is Made and causes Allergies.
#2 - Salmonella Endotoxin and Gardasil.
#3 - The Polio Vaccines.
#4 - The Broken Polio Cycle.
#5 - Only Smallpox has a Substitute Virus.
#6 - The First Autism: Diphtheria Toxin & Aluminum.
#7 - Vaccine Overview Chart.
#8 - The Chemicals in Vaccines: Of Phenol & Formaldehyde.
#9 - Case#1- Madsen, 1931 (formaldehyde nociception).
#10 - Case#2- Jones, 1984 (tetanus paralysis).
#11 - The Inactivated Flu Vaccine is still Active.
#12 - Aspirin, Ibuprofen & Acetaminophen are the same Chemicals used in Vaccines.
#13 – The Flu Vaccine only works for Chickens, because virus is grown in eggs.
#14 – Tamiflu Glue is Nitro-vinyl butane.
#15 – The HepB shot & our Vagus Nerve.
#16 – The Moth-Ball shot, Vitamin K (Koagulant).
#17 - The 2mo Baby Shot Totals.
#18 - The 12mo Baby Shot Totals.
#19 - The 3x Rule for Shots.
#20 - Lab CoV, 2nd Generation.
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VIDEO #20 - Lab CoV, 2nd Generation

Lab CoV, 2nd Generation
  How did this Common Cold virus from the barnyard turn into something infectious in humans? How did this Animal Virus become a Human Virus?
  Back in the 1990s, a CoV researcher at the Univ of N. Carolina (UNC) mentored exchange students from Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) on how to breed virulent dangerous viruses in his 'CoV Pathogenesis Program' (pathogenesis = “to cause disease”). By persistent passage through monkey cells, CoV was taught how to enter epithelial cells through their ACE-2 receptors, something ubquitous on this inner skin of the body that runs the plumbing for everything.
  But the virus needed to be passaged through its target host: Humans (and was released to passage down in the Guangzhou ghetto bordering Hong Kong), and then, it needed to have its genes recombined into a new hybrid species through banned ‘Gain-Of-Function’ techniques.
  The virus is now a ‘Recombinant’ that needed to be passaged through its target host, again, to make a strain virulent enough for a vaccine. Weak viruses, the ones that have achieved tolerance in their host, do not make good candidates for biological bombs. Only two-headed chimeric viruses, some new unknown (novel) species can be used to design perpetual hyper-immune stimulants. They can’t make a vaccine without a great pathogenic candidate.


HepB vaccine production:
the virus is genetically engineered to be expressed by yeast,
it's not alive, thus, too benign for an immune response, so they add Aluminum.

Beer Yeast is ground up (5% of syringe),
it was genetically engineered to excrete
Hep-B virus on their surface, hence its name:
HBsAG: Hep-B-surface-Anti-Gens (antigens)

HepB shot & its Vitamin K, as in K/Coagulant shot:
  The Vitamin K shot is a blood clotter that must be given with the HepB shot at birth or blood might shoot out of the Umbilical Cord. The 'K' is for 'Koagulant' (German for 'Coagulant'), it's a synthetic blood clotter, not a vitamin needed at birth!
  The HepB shot is an Aluminum-Bomb (250 mcg Aluminum + 10 mcg HepB proteins + 25,000 mcg Yeast) that can hit the brainstem, ike a bullet to the brain, immediately turning OFF the Vagus Nerve, sending the body into 'Fight or Flight mode' with nowhere to run. Blood leaves the brain, and brain cells can die from oxygen deprivation in crucial areas like the brainstem, the Command-Center of the Vagus nerve, and the Limbic System wired with the instincts honed over millions of years.

Vitamin K is synthetic blood coagulant: Phyto-nadione,
'K' is German for 'Koagulant' = 'Coagulant'
(blood clotter against the HepB aluminum-bomb shot).


Brain Neurons

The Vagus Nerve CALMS DOWN the amped up body,
  to 'Rest & Digest', to 'Feed & Breed', to sleep
especially so the brain can flush itself of toxins during sleep.

When the Vagus Nerve turns OFF, the body is amped:
    1) Entire body in 'Flight or Flight' mode.
    2) No 'Rest & Digest'.
    3) No 'Feed and Breed'.
    4) Constant state of running Anxiety, physical pain.
    5) Digestion shut down/slowed from anxiety.
    6) Unable to sleep without Vagus Nerve ON.
    7) No filter on sounds, heightened senses.

  The current technique to relieve Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgias
is to put implants behind the ear,
as close to the Vagus Nerve as they can to stimulate it, relieving symptoms.

The Vagus Nerve controls Speech.
Electrical Implants behind the ear will stimulate the Vagus Nerve.

MRI scan of brain,
Limbic System in the center

The Cause of Autism
  Autism is the loss of irreplaceable neurons in the Limbic system. Its cells are ancient and irreplaceable. In them are hard-wired cells containing millions of years of instincts, ensuring survival as a species. Autistics have lost their limbic neurons, and many attributes that make us feel human. Even talkative birds, like parrots and cockatoos can easily enjoy communication and connection, curiosity and joy, because they have an intact limbic system.

  The first children turned autistic were given Diphtheria Toxin and Aluminum shots in 1937. These were the first ‘Autistic Children’ seen by the legendary Dr Kanner. In a variety of ways cells can be deleted throughout the brain, and the brain can recover, grow new cells in the cortex to store new memories, but the limbic system is gone.

  The neuronal circuitry in the human brain produces enough elecrical current to run a light bulb. It can be visualized as a string of Christmas lights made to handle a certain amount of current, but when bulbs are lost, there will be too much current for the remaining cells to handle, destroying more cells during energy surges in the nerves and neurons.

  Boys have larger neurons with thicker axons, they have more microtubules than girls, for more electrical current for more energy. An aluminum bomb in the brain causes a chain reaction of seizures amplified by their testosterone surges, almost puberty levels in the womb. Only those born with less testosterone and smaller neurons are less damaged.

Blue light on right shows less electrical current,
from neuron loss to carry current:
Boys have larger axons, more micro-tubules,
thus greater blow-outs, like a string of lights.

Collapse from Loss of Limbic System:
Visible here is the COLLAPSE of the limbic,
leaving a gap below the skull..!

The 4 main causes of Autism
     (Today, there are many ways to destroy developing brain cells,
      but it started in 1937 with a shot of Aluminum & Diphtheria Toxin.)

  1. Aluminum Aggregates =
    Aluminum glues together (aggregates) the target foreign protein components of dead viral and bacterial vaccines. For example, the whooping cough shot has target pertussis bacteria surface proteins with antagonistic lethal toxins and their antitoxins glued to aluminum particles.

  2. Most Lethal Bacterial Toxins =
    Diphtheria Toxin is necrotic to cells, killing brain cells as it crosses the BBB attached to aluminum dust, blown wide up and left open for toxins to enter the brain.

  3. Non-Attenuated Virulent Live Rubella Virus =
    Live viruses cannot be given virulent, they must be attenuated and grown in a host cell culture that is not human. It must be a different species (like, fetal monkey kidneys for polio or chicken embryos for measles). The Rubella virus is not attenuated, instead it’s grown in human cells, making it the worst culprit in the MMR combo shot.

Neuron development in Cerebral Cortex:
Newborn - 1mo - 3mo - 6mo - 12mo - 24mo

The Dead Bacteria Shots

Inactivated bacteria vaccines

MRSA on a petri dish,
a mutated Staph Bacteria
resistent to Antibiotics

Non-resident bacteria Salmonella,
its deadly toxin is used in HPV shots.

  The whooping cough shots work by the 'Principle of Allergic Reaction'
inwhich benign dead Pertussis bacteria has to use the (MLD) Minimum-Lethal-Dose
of Tetanus Toxin & Diphtheria Toxin for 50lb in all infants,
causing hyper-immune responses against ALL foreign proteins present,
including the target microbe, by default.

Snake venom needs Anti-venom,
the Antibodies against the poison...

...just like the Tetanus and Diphtheria Toxins,
they need Antitoxin, called 'Lf' in the DTaP inserts,
which are actually Antibodies, from horses or humans.
pediarix ingredients

Pertussis Bacteria in cilia of the throat,
it colonizes the throat
without effects in adults,
but children have a hard time breathing.

Bacterio-phages are tiny Viruses
that infect Bacteria!

The "Inactivated" VIRUSES

Phenol, lethal in micro-doses,
used to blow up host cells,
to release virus particles.

Infants 1-12 mos are given the 1" needle!

Injecting flu viruses into embryo/fetus of chicken,
training these viruses to infect chickens,
but it can morph quickly into a human virus.

Viruses growing inside host cells fed blood,
both FBS: Fetal-Bovine-Serum (cow-blood),
or rHA: genetically engineered Human-Albumin (blood).

Human fetal cells are used to grow virus,
in tanks of fetal cow blood (FBS).

Multi-dose Fluzone contains 250 mcg MERCURY,
(10 doses) each dose has 25 mcg mercury.
Adults get double that: 1.0 mL for 100 lb.

Mercury molecule has annihilated a budding dendrite,
continuing to circulate and kill more neuron connections.

Source of phenol & formaldehyde
used in vaccine production to kill cells.
Most painkillers are Coal-Tar derivatives.

Bottles of FBS: Fetal Bovine Serum
fetal cow blood is food for host cells
which are used to grow viruses.

Salmonella TOXIN is LETHAL.
One Molecule of salmonella LPS
makes 100,000 Fibrinogens in brain,
in response to the toxin damage.

LIVE Viruses

8 syringes at 12 months,like bullets that can hit the brain:
1) Pertussis bacteria, Tetanus toxin, Diphtheria toxin, Polio virus, HIB bacteria (lethal toxins, aluminum-bomb)
2) HepA virus (grown in human cells),
3) Strep bacteria/pneumonia (aluminum bomb),
4) MMR (rubella virus is grown in human cells),
5) Varicella virus/chicken pox (grown in human cells),
6) Neisseria bacteria/meningitis,

5/8" needles are used on tiny arms less than 2" wide!

  Human newborn foreskin cells growing
around a Micro-carrier Bead.
  Growing viruses in human cells makes
them more virulent towards humans.

Henrietta Lacks died from the most
aggressive cancer the world had ever seen,
cancer was rare in 1951, and her cancer
should have been buried with her body,
instead it launched this era of virus vaccines.
(smallpox used cowpox and doesn't count)

Vaccine Production of viruses with cell-lines in a nutrient solution of blood:
1) FBS (Fetal Bovine Serum/blood),
  2) rHA (recombinant-Human-Albumin/blood):
'Recombinant' means genes were recombined in Yeast,
thus the Yeast expresses human blood proteins on its surface.

Fetal cows are aborted in slaughterhouses,
blood sucked from their still beating hearts,
for fresh FBS (Fetal-Bovine-Serum) = Fetal Cow Blood.

Virion (single virus) of Rubella,
the worst culprit in the MMR shot.

Hippocampus Neuron


Elementary School handbook in 1963
easy management of communicable diseases.
Vaccines are to keep parents working,
instead of home with sick children!

‘No big deal’ is taken care of by ‘Dr Do-Nothing'
  Our children are experiments in a test of bad reactions to terrible substances, the results ignored to save face for an industry. Here are 30 testimonies from thousands of parents whom witnessed and still today must live with the results, at: Following… One witness asked his child what his brain was fighting”, he answered, “Charlie. My brain is fighting Charlie.”
  My research began when my son was paralyzed for 3 days by the tetanus toxin in his DPT shot – not enough Antitoxin. He was 4 yrs old, weighed 40 lb, and had gotten the a lethal dose of tetanus for 50 lb in his DPT shot (actually the MLD: Minimum Lethal Dose). We barely made it home before he went stiff as a board for 3 days - barely able to breathe, blink, or swallow his saliva. His terrifying adverse reaction was never recorded, faning to be too busy, as they ran away.

1.  “At Wyatt’s two month check up he received te dtap, polio, hib b. He had an adverse reaction, he laid there, white, pale, unresponsive. He looked dead. I called the doctor and they acted like it was no big deal”.
2.  “Floppy, non-responsive, and moaning.”
3.  “High-pitched non-stop scream.”
4.  “Screamed for 2 years.”
5.  “Screamed constantly, completely ignored everyone.”
6.  “He no longer smiled.”
7.  “Lost speech, started mouthing everything.”
8.  “He would wake up in the night () and cry from pain.”
9.  “Within 15 hours (he) became vacant stumbling, silent,
    a shadow of the former child.”
10. “Didn’t know who we were.”
11.  “Less than 24 hours later, she stopped walking, talking,
    she quit laughing & smiling.”
12.  “He went from talking and socializing at a normal level     for his age, down to non-verbal and non-responsive.”
13.  “Within two weeks he had lost all his words, was
    aggressive, would harm himself banging his head.”
14.  “Stopped sleeping and started screaming all the time.”
15.  “Head banged, and screamed incoherently.”
16.  “He was holding his head, screaming, beating his head
    against the wall and ground. He stopped all babbling
    & pointing. He began to shriek during all waking hours.
17.  “Very hyper, with a lot of anxiety.”
18.  “Lost all facial expressions.”
19.  “Terrified of going anywhere.”
20.  “Stopped talking immediately.”
21.  “He totally changed and never changed back.”
22.  “He (my child) was a stranger to me.”
23.  “He went from talking a little to none. Just grunts and crying."
24.  “Screaming in G.I. pain.”
25.  “High pitched distress crying.”
26.  “Began developing severe abdominal pain.”
27.  “Lost interest in people.”
28.  ”Became like a Zombie.”
29.  “The last thing my child said to me was “I love you."


"...Unvaccinated populations,
historically & globally,
do NOT have autism...

like the Amish

There are doctors whom question nothing:
Doctor Do-Harm & Dr Do-Nothing
They fought in the courts for pregnant women to smoke!

 The medical industry argued AGAINST washing hands for 70 years
from 1830 when doctors first begged to wash their hands, until 1910!
  The medical industry fought against those pioneering physicians,
whom questioned and experienced with protocol and saved lives,
but they were NOT allowed to wash hands in their hospitals!


Karen Kain, Del Bigtree, Allison Jones, Dawna Shuman, Dr Wakefield, Wendy Silvers.
1) Karen Kain (author, vaccine injured child),
2) Del Bigtree (producer of "Vaxxed"),
3) Allison Jones (vaccine researcher),
4) Dawna Shuman ('DS Lighthouse'),
5) Dr Andrew Wakefield (brave physician),
6) Wendy Silvers ('Million Mamas').
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