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Bacteria Genotype Chart
Virus Genotype Chart

Target Microbes:

Adjuvant Microbes:

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Vaccine Microbes
DB = Dead Bacteria.
DV = Dead Virus.
LV = Live* Virus.
    (*Viruses are alive,
they have genes and procreate)

"...bacteria may exist for viruses
to have something to eat",
said Martin Blaser, MD!

tetanus bacteria live in the guts of cows
(hooved animals, domesticated, 3-5%)
(farmers swallow it, but spores die in oxygen)


XMRV (mouse virus)      polio virus



• Hep-B = (DV) The Hep-B virus is rare, but given to everyone at birth, and then, repeatedly. The virus was spread around the world through the early smallpox campaign which put orphan children on ships and infected them with cowpox (naturally attenuated strain of Smallpox). The infection was started in one child and passed to another, forming a human chain of smallpox infection that not only passed virus from human to human but also the contents of their blood, infecting the next one with all the accumulated infections of the prior donator. In this way Hepatitis B spread all the way to Australia and devastated the aborigines there.
  The reaction from newborns will include a systemic shock despite the massive amounts of salt* included in 'EnergixB' (most popular Hep-B shot). This systemic shock includes a hyper-tension that can shoot blood out of the nose and cause seizures. Something apparently common to nurses as a mother relayed to how they acted like it was no big deal, while she was screaming call 9-11. This is why the Vitamin K shot is given simultaneously, to stem hypertension explosions with infamous blood clotter Vitamin K.
  Shock is caused because the HepB virus proteins targeted by the immune system are "expressed" from S. cerevisaie yeast (beer yeast). The new Fendrix HepB shot used in Europe uses Salmonella LPS as an adjuvant.

*Salt is not added for flavor. compared to 4,500 mcg salt added for hyper-tension, not for flavor.

EnergixB syringe for newborns.

1) Box says: Hepatitis B Vaccine (rDNA), (*Genetically engineered),
    *genetically engineered in beer yeast, cerevisaie.
2) A baby's 2, 4, 6 mo shots, include EnergixB in the Pediarix shot (or Pentacel).

• HIB = (DB) This bacteria is actually a natural resident of the human nasopharynx and has always been a commensal helper to our immune system, alerting it when another resident bacteria becomes a problem, like Strep for example.
  Problems with this bacteria are from the current era of microbial dysbiosis within the human body, inwhich emulsifiers prevalent in food as suspension material causes mayhem in the gut, while antibiotics continue to devastate the entire micro-biome of the body, commensal bacteria and viruses.
  Because this bacteria is resident, it's not seen as foreign and hard to create a vaccine by itself, so 'ACThib' vaccine is added to Pediarix to piggy-back on the Toxoids of deadly tetanus & diphtheria (the Minimum Lethal Dose for 50lb) by using its own mutant toxin of tetanus, which gets the greatest rise out of the immune system compared to diphtheria.

ACThib vial left, DTaP-IPV vial right.

ACThib needs diluent.

• HPV = (DV) HPV is a resident virus, with over 200 strains of them living peacefully throughout the human body in various niches. These DNA viruses insert themselves into the human genome, and when they insert themselves accidentally next to oncogenes, they would have been buried with the body. But in the case of Henrietta Lacks, because cancer was such a rare spectical in those days (1951) that when from the cells scraped her cervical cancer continued to live outside her body (to their surprise), they decided it would be a great idea to send her cancer cells to every lab in the world to eventually grow tons of viruses for vaccine products within these continuously cloning tumor cell-lines, dubbed lines because they continued, called quaintly "Immortal Cell-lines". These vaccine products gave people live viruses that would be picking up and passing on DNA from one host to another.

• Influenza = (DV) This virus changes its capsid Neuroaminidase & Hemaglutinin (N & H target proteins in its vaccines) rapidly, making it to recognize by the immune system. Mercury is added to prevent bacteria from growing inside the vials, especially in the 10 dose multidose vials (5.0mL bottle containing ten 0.5mL individual doses) contains 25 mcg for children, making their dose 2.5 mcg per shot. Remember, a single molecule of mercury can continue to circulate throughout the brain until excreted, annihilating budding dendrites ad nauseum. (adult doses 1.0mL contain 5 mcg mercury).
  Because the immune system is busy fighting the 3 flu viruses injected, it becomes exhausted and one becomes sick from other latent and outside viruses. they're not sick from the dead virus proteins lodged in the body for immune antagonism by vaccine design (vaccines are 'Designer Diseases').

Popular 'Fluzone' multidose bottle given annually,
is used starting 6 mos to 18 yrs,
contains 25 mcg mercury, which is 2.5 mcg per child.

• Measles = (LV) This virus came from Rinderpest, a cow virus during the 11th century. The current strain evolved between 1908-1943, when mothers entered the workforce during the world wars and stopped nursing (which created polio epidemics). The USA uses a descendant strain taken from the throat of a 'Fay College’ student David Edmonston in 1954, which Measles Genotype A, and all vaccine strains in the world are descendant strains from Edmonston's strain.
  The fascinating thing about the vaccine strain is that it does not enter human cells through the same receptors as the natural 'wild-type' strain of measles, and virus entry is the crux of everything. Viruses use specific "receptors" to get into cells, which why animal viruses don't infect humans all the tim. In the lab, mice have been genetically altered to have the human receptors for the viruses being studied. So, natural measles virus uses CD-150 (cluster of differentiation), while the Edmonston highly attenuated strain uses CD-46 which is the receptor for common HHV-6 virus, a herpes virus.

Live Measles, Mumps, Rubella & diluent.

• Mumps = (LV) Mumps is a virus known to be milder than measles, so there are 12 times the number of mumps virus compared to measles in the MMR vaccine. It's on the same family tree as measles (paramyxovirus phenotype tree), albeit distant cousins.
  1) MMR = 1,000 measles virus... 12,500 mumps virus...
      1,000 measles virus.
2) ProQuad = 1,000 measles virus... 19,943 mumps virus...
      1,000 rubella virus.

• Pertussis = (DB) The real name for whooping cough, the P in the DPT to the dtaP, which are the same vaccine recipes, except the MLD toxins of diphtheria and tetanus are de-caffeinated, so to speak. They're been rinsed from the final product of ground up pertussis bacteria (a-cellular), whereas before the bacteria was not ground up (whole cell). But, because the MLD (Minimum Lethal Dose) toxins have been rinsed out, they must be added back. You can see this reflected in the (pertussis causes whooping cough) this bacteria colonizes in the throat, which is the biggest problem with babies, whereas adults can handle the infection as a chronic cough not even aware that they might have it.
  The whooping cough vaccine contains lethal levels of both tetanus and diphtheria toxins (for 50lb, in childrens vaccines), and need the exact right amount of antitoxin to keep from killing these young recipients.

ACThib vial left, DTaP-IPV vial right.

• Polio = (LV & DV) Only 1% of viruses are pathogenic. Many are that way because they are new to us. Polio virus was managed over the millenium through passive immunization when mothers nursed their babies and gave them antibodies for two years, during that time the baby would become exposed to polio virus and develope their own antibodies, which is no different than vaccination which is "Active Immunization". Perhaps, wet-nurses could not provide the vital colostrum full of antibodies to prevent some Egyptian prince from contracting polio.
  In American, when African slaves were freed, women became the new cheap labor force that Capitalism is built upon. Women could no longer nurse their babies, and the first pocket of polio popped up in New England after the Civil War had ended, followed by more polio outbreaks as women join the workforce during World War-I. Then, came World War-II along with baby bottles, refrigeration, and pasteurization of milk to replace human milk with milk designed by nature to make calves gain 400lb in their first year. (as women have risen in status and wages, Latinos have largely replaced them as the new cheap labor force).
  The IPV (Inactivated-Polio-Vaccine) "worked", but understand it's no different than getting the real thing, except a 48 hour window of time is granted with the attenuated virus before it becomes reverts back to its original virulence which will dominate and challenge the immune system with the real thing by Day 3. A healthy immune system can theoretically build an immune response within that two day window of time to the attenuated strain, and thus, conquer the virulent strain when it arises. But, children whose immune systems are weakened by malnutrition, serious malnutrition, like in India, will not be able to mount an immune response in time and succumb to the virulent strain, suffering partial paralysis while shedding new virulent mutant strains.
  The IPV (Inactivated-Polio-Virus) does not work very well, worse, the first Salk vaccine injected into subjects starting 1957, proved to be very dangerous, and was dropped after a few years, replaced by the OPV. But,the IPV caused all kinds of debilitating neuropathies, such as, 'Myasthenia Gravis', a slow yet progressive paralysis.

  One new experimental IPV shot is being grown in Tobacco plants, and uses Cholera Toxin.

A single 10 dose vial fits in the box*, and must
contain preservatives to keep them bacteria free.

  *The box says: "Types 1, 2, and 3 - Grown in cultures of Vero monkey kidney cells by the microcarrier technique" (manufacturer Sanofi)

  A syringe will enter the vial ten times to extract the contents
allowing contamination, so, 2-phenoxyethanol (ether of phenol), formaldehyde,
neomycin, streptomycin, and polymyxin b must be present
to kill the bacteria that enters.

• Rotavirus = (LV) This comes from eating cows from filthy slaughter techniques to undercooked meat. Filthy bathrooms spread it amongst boys more than girls just from touching door-knobs.
  Cow and human rotavirus genes are combined in the vaccines for this virus.

Rotavirus vaccines use chimera virus
"Bovine-human Re-assortment Virus",
combining human & cow genes in one virus.

• Rubella = (LV) This virus is dangerous to developing infants and fetuses, but for some reason grown in human fetal cell-lines that have been cloning themselves since the early 1960s because they are tumors, immortal cancer cells.Ge virus is (ts) temperature-sensitive.
  If women get this shot while in the early stage of pregnancy they might not realize the damage they are doing.

Meruvax for rubella.

• Strep = (DB) this bacteria is a natural resident, any problems with it are Iatrogenic, often from the catastrophic effects that antibiotics, emulsifiers, and excitotoxins have had on our micro-biome and its resident commensal bacteria that normally keep virulent mutations in check.

• Varicella = (LV) Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV) is Chicken Pox, a Herpes virus that stays in spine forever, sometimes re-emerging (called Shingles) when immune systems become weakened by age, very ill or immune-compromised. The practice of controlled VZV infection is to keep every child in school without any missed days, because then parents miss work and those days add up.
  But, varicella virus is neurotropic (neuron-loving), administered alive along with 3 other neurotropic viruses (measles, mumps, rubella viruses). It's impossible for any immune system to give equal attention to each virus, and still successfully fight them all off. There is no reason to infect every child with this forever virus at 12 months.


• Diphtheria (toxin)= (DB) vaccines for diphtheria do not target the bacteria, instead its toxin is used to get an intense rise out the immune system for pertussis bacteria that's not a threat because it's dead. Mutant toxins in accompanying vaccine cocktails piggy-back on the lethal levels (for 50lb in child dose. That's why this is an adjuvant and not a vaccine.

  Only when Diphtheria bacteria is infected by a bacteriophage does it release an exotoxin that creates a pseudomembrane inside the throat of affected patients that can be paralytic. Without this bacteriophage (which are viruses of bacteria) there is no toxin and then the Diphtheria can live quietly in the nasopharynx without problem, something that can be common.

  In the 1890s, the production of diphtheria antitoxin was discovered in animals. Antitoxin is the animal’s antibodies against the toxin. Ehrlich did some interesting interpretations of antitoxin pulling toxins off of cells (he called it ‘Side Chain Theory’). This antitoxin made it possible to help victims by fighting off the effects of its toxin.

Ehrlich's 'Side-Chain Theory' sketch (@1890)
illustrates antitoxin pulling toxin off cells.

  Manufacturers infected horses with diphtheria bacteria, then used their blood as the “serum” could fight off the effects of the toxin, because it contained their antibodies (the antitoxin). But, researchers were unable to explain the extraordinary natural immunity possessed by some animals, in which up to 80x the minimum dose of the toxin which proved fatal to one horse was injected into another horse, without disturbance (increasing doses up to 8,000 toxin units)! The varying degrees of immunity possessed by the animals was probably due to the natural resistance of the tissue cells, and had an analogy in the condition which was found in human beings, of whom, out of a number exposed to the same infection to the same extent, some might show its effects to a virulent degree, others to a mild degree, while still others might escape entirely.
Blood being drained from neck of horse infected with Diphtheria.
It's serum (blood) will be injected into people because it contains
antibodies that are used as 'antitoxin' against diphtheria toxin.

  Since the resistence and tolerance of diphtheria toxin will vary between human beings, that means some will succumb (SIDS) or lose neurons in the limbic system leaving them on the Autistic Spectrum. Danger is possible because the amount of diphtheria toxin used in vaccines for children is the MLD (Minimum Lethal Dose) for 50lb, and if there is not enough antitoxin to cover toxin, then disaster strikes. Furthermore, I suggest entire lineages of families have been lost, because of their particular genes have been terminated by leaving their kids too far down on The Spectrum. Meanwhile, survivors become more tolerant of this toxin through the repeated dosing with every Whooping Cough shot.

  The power of diphtheria toxin combined with its antitoxin began to be used with Pertussis* proteins by the 1930s, but not by itself against diphtheria infection, it just prevented death once you had it.
(*Pertussis is the whooping cough bacteria).

 Manufacturers had figured out the same process for tetanus toxin, procuring antibody-antitoxin from horses, and stuck them into the whooping cough vaccine because tetanus toxin really gets the immune system to freak out and attack everything, ALL foreign proteins to include the pertussis proteins by default. The usage of Diphtheria toxin does not target diphtheria bacteria, so there is no vaccine for diphtheria, only the antitoxin against its toxin, a toxin that is used merely to make a vaccine work. Meanwhile, the human race is busy building its tolerance for Diphtheria toxin, while the spread of this bacteria faded anyways with the advent of modern sanitation techniques, such as, toilets and running water.
Bacterio-phage infects Diphtheria         Diphtheria bacteria
1) Tiny bacterio-phage viruses infect bacteria, like diphtheria.
2) Only those diphtheria bacteria infected with this Betaphage produce toxin.

• Salmonella (LPS) = (DB) This bacteria is not a resident and the immune system will immediately react to its outer membrane 'Endotoxins', Monophosphoryl Lipid A (MPL), called AS04 (Adjuvant System/04) because it's a very powerful adjuvant used in some vaccines, like those for HPV (Gardasil, Cervarix).

salmonella bacteria

• Tetanus (toxin)= (DB) Tetanus bacteria exists where there were old farms or sheep grazing, hooved animals excrete it and when buried deep in the ground where there is no oxygen the bacteria thrives. Digging trenches deep into ancient grazing fields was a bad idea during World war I. But in cities there is no tetanus, while out in the countryside Farmer John is swallowing tetanus spores all day long but they just pass through and don't harm him because they can only germinate when there is no oxygen, such as when a knife has stabbed someone and cut off blood vessels delivering oxygen allowing the spores an oxygen free zone.  Tetanus toxin proved to be an adjuvant for dead bacteria ignored by the immune system because they are not a threat when dead, such as pertussis bacteria (whooping cough)., that once they figured out how to extract antibodies from horses, they mixed the two together, toxin and antibody and bingo, the antibodies neutralized the toxin, so they called it anti-toxin, but really it's antibodies.
  Mutant tetanus toxin is used in vaccines given simultaneously as the toxoid whooping cough shot, using a technique that I call "piggy-backing" on the powerful toxoid of tetanus needing antitoxin and is flocculated to it, relflected in the manufacturers notes on the recipes, calling it Lf, Limes flocculation (coaggulation). see 'Ehrlich's Phenomenon' describing Dr Ehrlich's discovery in 1890 of antibodies so toxins can be used as adjuvants. He also discovered autoimmunity would be a nightmare and called it 'Horror Autotoxicus'.
  Tetanus vaccines do not protect against the bacteria, they only help the body manage toxins until the body can get rid of the tetanus bacteria.
  When my son was 4 years old he recieved a DPT shot that did not have enough antitoxin for the tetanus toxin and he barely survived total paralysis. He could only blink, swallow saliva and breathe for 3 days, and dragged a leg around for weeks.

Tetanus Toxoid *adsorbed
(*adsorbed to aluminum)

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