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The Dorsal Root Ganglia hugs the spine.
It's where Varicella virus goes, which is Chicken Pox.
And Varicella is a Herpes virus that stays forever.


  Viruses for vaccines must be grown inside host cells.
The HeLa cells (of Henrietta Lacks) launched the age of viral vaccines
by providing a continuous cell line for polio vaccines -
in 1952 (she died in 1951).

  Cell-lines host viruses to multiply them for vaccine products, cells that have been kept alive for decades that have been "immortalized" so that they never die. Scientists figured out how to cancerize fetal cells by studying Henrietta's super cancer. This was in 1951, launching this era of blind vaccination.

Example of host cells wrapped around micro-carrier beads,
since HeLa cells are smaller, these larger foreskin cells make the process visible. Yes, when babies are circumcized at birth, their foreskins are not thrown away, instead they're sold to labs.


  Quote says: "...2. The cut-up monkey kidney tissue is digested with the enzyme trypsin in the blending room. A suspended solution of the digested material is then sent to the planting room."

This monkey kidney tissue describes when manipulation of oncogenes kept cells dividing forever, because they are now cancer cells. Henrietta Lacks's cancer cells taught them about immortalization when she died in 1951, and her cancer cells continued to live outside her body, something no one had ever seen from the few cases of cancer seen. Something rare before 1952 when polio virus vaccines were realized from growing tons of virus in Henrietta's cancer.
  'HeLa cells':[hee-lah].

Dehradun Plant for vaccine production in Uttarakhand, India.

  Virtually ALL virus seed cultures are grown in HeLa cancer cells (Henrietta Lacks cancer),
which is what launched the age of viral vaccines, starting with polio virus
grown in mass quantities in HeLa cells which never died.
  Prior to HeLa cells in 1951, viruses were grown in animals, like Smallpox
which was scraped off the underbelly of infected cows!

  Merck says: M-M-R II should be given one month before or after administration of other live viral vaccines. M-M-R II has been administered concurrently with VARIVAX® [Varicella Virus Vaccine Live (Oka/Merck)], and PedvaxHIB® [Haemophilus b Conjugate Vaccine (Meningococcal Protein Conjugate)] using separate injection sites and syringes.

  The Rubella virus in the 3 live virus MMR shot could be the problem virus, aided by the measles & mumps viruses infecting the immune system temporarily disabled.
  The MMR is designed so the measles & mumps viruses are allowed to proliferate and infect the recipient's cells, while the rubella virus is known to be extremely dangerous during early development, and to the human fetus. This rubella virus is genetically engineered to be (ts) temperature-sensitive, which means it replicates until the body has a fever and then it shuts down proliferation of more virus.
  There are 25,000 micro-cephaly births every year in America, and many could be from MMR vaccinations before women realize they're pregnant, or they got travel shots.
  Out of the 4 neuro-tropic viruses given simultaneously to 12 month old babies, the rubella virus would be the most dangerous, along with measles and mumps disabling the immune system long enough to create a perfect storm. Incredulously to any microbiologist, they have thrown in Herpes virus, Human Herpes Virus #3 (HHV-3), called Varicella, quaintly known as Chicken Pox, which is fraternal triplet with HHV-1 & HHV-2, called Herpes Simplex 1 & 2.

  Embryos of chickens are scrambled
with mini-blenders while inside their eggs,
to grow measles & mumps viruses for the MMR.

  Embryos of humans were turned into tumor cells,
called 'Immortal Cell-lines' (cells made cancerous)
to grow rubella & varicella viruses for the MMR.

All vaccine strains for measles are from David Edmonstons throat in 1965, then grown in HeLa cells (established 1951) which was the first cancer to live outside the body and immediately was used to produce large numbers of polio virus for vaccines, and then, for the first virus seed cultures of every virus to hit the market.


Cell-Lines are fed from aborted fetal cow blood
FBS (Fetal-Bovine-Serum)

The calf is still alive during slaughter to keep the blood fresh,
sucked out while still alive on the slaughterhouse floor.

Vats growing viruses for vaccines are red with blood
from fetal calves pulled out during slaughter for their fresh blood (Fetal Bovine Serum).



  Most flu vaccines are dead virus ("inactivated") shots, but there has been a live flu virus vaccine sprayed up the nose, called Flu-Mist.
  Quick means to deliver drugs and live viruses into the brain (before the immune system has a chance to cover cribriform plate openings with mucus). The cribriform plate has numerous holes, like a salt shaker, for the nerves from the Olfactory Bulb to come down through the brain - to figure out what you are smelling. It's leftover from our prehistory as reptiles, which remains by the existence of our brainstem, considered by researchers as the reptile part of our brain.

  For example, viruses pick up genes, that's why Adenovirus was popular as a vector for genetic engineering in the beginning. So, why are there no studies to see what has been picked up and passed on by various viruses. From polio virus first grown in human HeLa cells (given live orally for decades) to the varicella virus which is a Human Herpes #3, (fraternal triplets HHV-1/2/3 head to their various niches forever on spinal ganglia - top, bottom, middle) being grown repeatedly ("Passaged") through human fetal cell-lines, most have been alive since the 1960s cloning themselves away ad infinitum.

 Two species must be tested on to approve a drug/vaccine.

The polio vaccine was launched in 1952 thanks to Henrietta Lacks cancer cells,
inwhich they were able to grow polio virus in mass quantity.
The recipe for the IPV and OPV remains the same.,br> Because of reversion in the malnourished of India, they plan beyond 2016
to immunize with the IPV first (which is weak) and then, the OPV (which reverts back to prior attenuation virulence, with the most strongest strain dominating.

The Dehradun Plant where vaccines are produced. It's in Uttarakhand, India.    



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